International matchmaking

Meet the matchmakers who find love for the international jet-set dating elite – The Telegraph

Last year I was interviewed by the Telegraph about international dating and long-distance relationships. They were particularly interested in Nylon daters – those glamorous jet-setters splitting their time between New York and London, usually for work, and building a lifestyle around this.

Yes, when matchmaking for these international souls we can open the search and cross borders – but this is not exclusively a Nylon concept – I provide matchmaking for people all over the world and often introduce people in different countries. When the connection is right, distance does not have to be a barrier.

Through matchmaking and from personal experience, I have learnt that, if one’s lifestyle and values allow, one can open their mind to how they find love. And this was really what I wanted to convey when I was interviewed: international matching is just another way of opening up our minds to opportunities we did not think possible.

Will it work if we do not see each other every day? Does it matter that we come from different cultures/ backgrounds/ religious faiths? How can you build a relationship when there is such distance? What about trust and commitment- isn’t it just a fantasy?  

Perhaps my own story is an example of how international love can work. It’s not only possible for the ‘jet-set dating elite’…

My partner Michael and I met in Stockholm while I was still living in London. We agreed to try a long-distance relationship after 24 hours of meeting… and I think it worked out pretty damn well. The most important thing for us was that we knew the long-distance part was temporary, that within the relatively near future, we would live together in Stockholm, Sweden. For me this was a twelve-month time frame, for Michael it was four months – I moved after nine.

We made sure that we had flights booked way in advance, which kept it cheaper but also we knew exactly when we would see each other. We initially planned monthly visits, but realised that since we were in a new relationship, we needed to see each other every two weeks – Every month Michael would fly to London and I would fly to Stockholm, or we’d meet somewhere else, like Paris, Iceland and even Brazil (kind of in the middle…). We took advantage of our situation and made it fun and exciting… an adventure.

We had (and still have) a strong connection which motivated us to work hard to make it work. There was no doubt that we were doing the right thing – and even if it all failed, we were acting within our values.

Some of my most exciting success stories are with couples who share similar journey’s and with even greater distances. When it’s the right match, there are no barriers.