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Welcome to the Relationship Consultancy. An offline, personal matchmaking agency, partner search, and dating and relationship coaching service, exclusively for those seeking an exceptional love.

Love is the most important thing in life. People with strong relationships live longer, are happier and healthier.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, The Relationship Consultancy works internationally with some of the most awesome people around the world, who happen to be single and would prefer to stay happily single than be in the wrong relationship.

Join the Relationship Consultancy and find your ideal match.

The Founder

Lemarc Thomas has become known internationally as a relationship expert, who has helped hundreds of people globally find relationships. He has worked with many prominent, known, accomplished people who lead inspiring lives. And bearing in mind that personal matchmaking is a luxury, Lemarc has started many projects to bring this rather exclusive service to a wider audience – through events such as The Matchmaking Experiment, workshops, seminars, coaching programmes and soon, a new web course.

Through Lemarc’s experience and expertise, he has developed a unique approach to achieving your relationship goals.

Lemarc Thomas, the gentle but determined cupid – The Telegraph

“Many years ago, wide-eyed and bushy tailed, I left my home – St. Helena Island, one of the most remote places in the world – on a scholarship to study Psychology in London. This was the start of an unexpected and unusual path in the helping profession. The first five years after graduation, I was involved in the business and psychological rehabilitation of Personal Injury (trauma). The following five years, I immersed myself in the business and psychology of Love: formerly Managing Director of an exclusive international matchmaking agency in London, with a team of psychological professionals matching and coaching those of affluence and influence. And then… well the truth is, I met my partner, Michael, and after spending one day together I agreed to take a huge risk and move to Stockholm – I guess it was time to take my own advice and prioritise personal relationships. It is the best decision I have ever made.”

Lemarc Thomas


Join The Relationship Consultancy and find your relationship, find love.

You own personal matchmaker, working directly with you to find the relationship you deserve.

With years of experience in global matchmaking combined with expertise in dating and relationships, we provide an honest, transparent and dedicated service to ensure that you have the best chance of true compatibility.

Our clients are a select group of people, who gain access to a network of exceptional singles internationally.

First we invite you for a chat focusing exclusively on you. After getting an understanding of your life – exploring your values, vision and ideals – we design an approach that works for you. This is not about simply introducing you to the people you desire, it’s about empowering you to attract the people you deserve and making sure that you have the best chance with the people we introduce to you.

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Are you bold enough to let go of what you think you know about relationships and how you think a relationship should be? Are you prepared to create the relationship future that is right for you as an individual rather than what you have learnt from society?

Wherever you are in the world, the Relationship Consultancy will match you with one of our relationship experts, either face to face or via Skype, and give our dedicated attention to fulfilling your relationship aspirations.

When it comes to looking for love, the best method is to start with a little introspection. Our coaching and consultation packages have had amazing success, both on it’s own and as part of our matchmaking process.

We start with an initial consultation, which for some has been a powerful process in itself to catalyse the journey. Then we focus on an array of topics that best suit each individual.

We want to empower our clients to drive life towards their vision, but first make sure it is the right vision. By understanding values, personality and goals, it’s amazing how life takes shape.

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