In the August edition of Älskade Östermalm, my top tips for singles looking to find love, and, couples looking to enhance their love.

Not a direct translation from Swedish to English, but below is the gist of what I said…


For singles:

1 – Take time to explore what your values are, what is important to you and what makes you happy. Who are you at the core? Act from here and attract the people who share the same life philosophy.

2 – There are no rules, so stop trying to focus on following and understanding them. Focus on yourself and what is right for you. When you start trying to work out the ‘rules’ it’s often because something is not right, make your own rules based on your values.

3 – Go out and meet people! Go to an event, a champagne tasting or something you think is interesting. Here you may meet likeminded people, but make sure you mingle and chat with them.


For couples:

1 – Couples who play together stay together. Play, laugh, have fun together. Friendship is the foundation of all relationships. Take interest in each other’s life. Show gratitude and appreciation.

2 – Learn how to deal with conflict, to compromise and meet each other in the middle. 70% of all conflict in relationships is perpetual, has no solution, so we have to negotiate a mutual position.

3 – Create shared meaning together. How do you want to be as partners? How would you like your life together to pan out? What is the culture of your relationship? Create your own universe – one that’s right for both of you as individuals and you as a couple.


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